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Weight Loss

The TRUE CAUSE of why many people are unable to lose weight

Have you ever wondered why some people find it so difficult to lose weight? and why after shedding those initial pounds, the fat does not seem to budge!

The Root Cause in EVERY case is TOXINS.
This is because a toxically overburdened system causes all your organs to become sluggish. When organs lose their natural ability to function as they were meant to, they also lose their ability to metabolize fat effectively.

Where do toxins come from?

Pharmaceuticals, chemicals in food, chemicals in cosmetics, parasite infections, candida and yeast overgrowth, plastic water bottles, drinking water, pesticide residue, the very air we breathe to name a few.

Many of these toxins end up in the liver where they turn into stones, these stones cause a multitude of symptoms, including high cholesterol and weight gain.

This picture shows stones flushed from the liver of a 36 year old female who could not lose weight no matter how many diets she tried. Following a 16 day orally delivered liver and colon cleanse protocol the client was able to achieve her ideal weight.

When the liver is unable to store further toxins they are placed in the adipose tissue.
FAT is the bodies’ way of protecting itself. Every single toxin in the body has to be surrounded by a fat globule to stop it poisoning the system.
Is it any wonder that the body refuses to give up fat?

Toxic chemicals and other poisonous compounds can affect organs and systems without leading to weight gain. Not everyone exposed to a high degree of toxicity is overweight but the reverse is ALWAYS true. Overweight and obese individuals are ALWAYS suffering from a toxicity crisis.

At Healthy we have helped many people who have not been ale to lose weight because we understand the TRUE CAUSE of weight gain; our clients lose weight effortlessly without counting calories and without undergoing strenuous exercise. To lose those extra pounds you must CLEANSE the body, NOT starve it. Cleansing is a gentle easy process that leaves you feeling happy and healthy while your body literally sheds pounds.

Ozonated Water for Weight Loss and Health

FOR WEIGHT LOSS: An easy way to gain energy and lose weight permanently is by drinking ozonated water on a daily basis. Ozonated water is highly beneficial for either healthy or sickly people. It's easy to make and should be consumed daily. Besides providing more oxygen to the brain (greater alertness and mental clarity), Ozonated water will oxidize pathogens and synthetics residues in the body, allowing their complete elimination through excretion. Lose the toxins and you will lose that unwanted weight.

FOR HEALTH: Graham a 72 year old client was told after drinking ozonated water daily for 10 months that his 5.8cm aneurysm has shrunk to 3.2cm. This is unheard of in the field of conventional medicine.

A clinical study of 50 adults suffering from Giardia that had not responded to traditional medicine were given two cycles of therapy with ozonated water over the course of 27 days. 46% experienced a remission of symptoms during the first cycle while 48% became asymptomatic during the second cycle.

In another clinical study 20 patients suffering from duodenal ulcer were treated several times with ozonated water over the course of one month. 40% of the patients were totally healed by the end of the treatment while another 40% were in various stages of scar formation. 20% did not complete the treatment.

A top quality high concentration 600mcg ozone generator is available from Healthy Healing for just €125.00. It does not need plumbing in and does not have parts that need replacing as water filters do. A short video on ozonated water is available on our blog link.