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Weight Loss


Are you one of the many whom find it difficult if not impossible to lose weight?

Do you need to fit into that special outfit within a month?

Do you want to lose weight fast, permanently and safely?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then we can help.

Healthy Healing has helped many people to lose weight fast. This is because we understand the TRUE CAUSE of weight gain; our clients lose weight effortlessly without counting calories and without undergoing strenuous exercise.

When you begin your program we will explain how to kick start a natural biochemical process which ALWAYS brings about weight loss, not only do you lose those unwanted pounds, you lose them PERMANENTLY.

Have you ever wondered why some people find it so difficult to lose weight? and why after shedding those initial pounds, the fat does not seem to budge!

The Root Cause in EVERY case is TOXINS.

This is because a toxically overburdened system causes all your organs to become sluggish. When organs lose their natural ability to function as they were meant to, they also lose their ability to metabolize and process fat effectively. This makes it easier to understand why individuals who are overweight usually suffer a host of health issues.

There is a daily river of toxins and chemicals introduced to the body as well as those produced by the body in reaction to external pollutants which are constantly circulating in the tissue, blood and organs. This ultimately kick starts a vicious cycle, where a toxic overload leads to weight gain and obesity, this is soon followed by excessive fat and cellulite build-up which blocks the metabolism and leads to further weight gain.

FAT is the bodies’ way of protecting itself, it is basically used as a safe house for toxins. Every single toxin in the body has to be surrounded by a fat globule to stop it poisoning the system.

Is it any wonder that the body refuses to give up fat?

Where do toxins come from?

Toxins enter our bloodstream from the air we breathe, pesticides in fruit and vegetables, abnormally high levels of anti-biotics and hormones in the meat we eat, chemical waste ingested by the fish we eat, pharmaceuticals, chemicals in cosmetics, parasite infections, candida and yeast overgrowth, plastic water bottles to name a few.

Toxic chemicals and other poisonous compounds can and do affect organs and systems without leading to weight gain. Hence, not everyone exposed to a high degree of toxicity is overweight but the reverse is always true. Overweight and obese individuals are always suffering from a toxicity crisis.

A holistic approach to losing weight is in many ways different to traditional slimming methods.

Holistic weight loss addresses the cause of weight gain as we realise extra weight is just a symptom not a causative effect.

To lose weight permanently and safely you need to cleanse the body, not starve it. Cleansing is a gentle easy process that leaves you feeling happy and healthy while your body literally sheds pounds.

Losing weight this way means you are not only slimmer within 6 weeks you are also much healthier.

During your first consultation we will take a single drop of blood and analyse it for toxins and any other problems that could stop you losing weight.

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60 minute consultation with Nutritionist,includes personal menu €50