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Kim D - Cyprus - Severe Wound

I attended Carolines Healthy Healing Clinic last year with a huge 2half inch by 1 half inch gash to my left leg. I had received antibiotics and General cutting and cleaning of the wound from local Dr. Caroline treated my leg for a few weeks with Oxygen.

Normally my leg wounds take up to 18 months to heal ( I've had 3 previous all needing intensive operations and long hospital stays)
Within two weeks the wound was visibly smaller and within 7 weeks the wound had totally healed. I can wholeheartedly endorse Caroline an this wonderful treatment.

Anne Marie - Cyprus - Severe Wound

Last year, I had an accident whilst sailing and badly cut my leg, right down to the shin bone. There was a four inch strip of flesh torn off and a gaping hole, which couldn't be stitched back on.

I went straight to Healthy Healing, the wound cleaned and had immediate Ozone therapy, on a daily basis for just over three weeks. My leg healed, did not get infected, and I have absolutely, minimal scaring.

This was absolutely amazing, as having spent years on steroids, my skin is very thin and I am prone to skin infections with the smallest scratch. I also scar very badly and a cut of any size usually takes months and months to heal, and always end up on antibiotics.

A year on, and you wouldn't know where the cut was, or imagine how large it was. To me, this was short of a miracle!


   Samantha H. UK/Cyprus -Endometriosis

Hi Caroline, I hope you're well. I am writing from rainy Edinburgh and missing the sunshine in Paphos terribly!

Not sure if you remember me, I came in for quite a lot of ozone therapy last year for my Endometriosis. I’ve had this since I was 17 and at this stage have had 24 operations for it over 22 years, after each one I’m always told its still there and spreading all over the place.

I went into hospital for my first operation after all the ozone as I was still having clots, heavy bleeding etc. They decided to do a D & C along with another new treatment called Novasure which burns the inside of the womb away and stops heavy bleeding. They were also going to remove the endometriosis and polyps that were there.

Well, I wanted you to be the first to know that they couldn’t find any endometriosis or polyps at all..... its ALL gone. The surgeon said they couldn't get it all last year when they operated and were absolutely astonished that it had gone. I didn't bother telling them about the ozone as you know how they can be with alternative type treatments. It’s truly amazing that after 22 years it’s gone!

Anyway, just wanted you to know, I’ll keep in touch and let you know how things are

Take care and a HUGE thank you !!!



"Just to let you know I had my 3 month check-up today with the surgeon.  Everything is great.  He did however say to me at the end of the conversation, that he wants me to know that there is not only NO endometriosis, but there’s no sign it’s ever been there, and if he didn’t have photographic proof and carried out 5 of the operations himself he wouldn’t believe that I actually ever had it!

He said whatever I have been doing I have literally (and this is the exact word he used) Cured! myself... he’s never seen anything like it ... I then started to tell him what I had done and he cut me off and that was the end of the conversation.

I was told when I was 30 that I had the worst case every recorded at that point, so if it’s helped me it surely it can help others? It is such a shame the surgeons are not interested in such a natural treatment.

Take care and a HUGE thank you !!!"

[NB The above client has stated she would be happy to discuss her treatment and results with anyone considering therapy. Contact details available on request].


Roger B, Cyprus - Cancer

Last December, I had a biopsy which showed that I had an aggressive form of Melanoma cancer on my chest and would need an operation, followed by reconstruction and plastic surgery. Operation date was for early February.

I was recommended to Healthy Healing by a friend, and thought it would be worth a consultation. I was not a believer of Holistic practices, but thought I needed to try all avenues. I was impressed that one of the main protocols , was to get my body in 'tip top' condition for the operation, but also, with a month of treatment before the operation there was every chance of a reversal.

I did a detox, had regular ozone therapy, took a lot of prescribed vitamins/potions and changed my diet to Vegan straight away. It was a bit of a shock to my system, but so was the word cancer! My prognosis was not good.

I had the operation - over 100 stiches. I recovered very quickly and felt well. Tests showed that the cancer had not spread, which was amazing, as this was a fast growing one, but even more amazing was they could find no trace of cancer in any of the removed tissue. I have since had regular check ups and to date, I am still clear.

I am convinced that all the treatments I had at Healthy Healing really gave me an excellent chance to fight my cancer, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

Rachel Rushworth, UK -Cyprus - Chronic Fatigue

'Rachel had been sick since childhood, suffering with a variety of chronic conditions.  15 years ago she was diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). Rachel had for many years tried a whole range of alternative therapies and diets after not receiving relief with conventional treatments.  None had helped.

When Rachel left Cyprus in May she said she could never remember feeling so well.
She spent 5 weeks in Cyprus undergoing colonics, daily ozone therapy and mainly a juice and raw food diet.

In July 2013 she wrote: “I still feel amazing and am hoping this continues without the ozone treatment until I can get back out for a top up. I have in total lost 1 stone and 3 pounds. 3 inches of my waist, 2 1/2 inches of each leg, and 2 1/2 inches off my arms. Which clearly is and added bonus as I had been trying to lose weight for months to no avail.
I was excited to show my GP how well I was as he has known me for years but he just smiled.  I left him your leaflet on ozone to enable him to explore it if interested.  I told him I hope for many sick peoples sake that one day it becomes more mainstream and that he will then look back at our conversation and wished he listened.
A massive thank you for everything. Before I came to Cyprus I could not even think and was almost permanently in bed, feeling that this was to be my destiny. You have given me my life back, my family their sister/daughter, my friends and partner also have the person they love back. Thank you”.

Rachel visited us again in October, and is still well.  She stated she will be happy to discuss her therapy and recovery to anyone who is interested.  Contact details supplied on request.

Martin and Angie Rhodes, UK & Cyprus - Weight Problems

'Hi Caroline, Just wanted to say how much we appreciated your help regarding full detox recently following our visit to you in Cyprus. It was a resounding success and many unwanted Liver stones were shed thankfully. Until you told us about them, we didn't know such things existed.

In addition, I lost 14 pounds and my wife Angie lost 11 pounds in the 16 days we were on it. An unexpected bonus as the Vegan style non dairy etc food was really delicious and surprisingly easy to get and prepare. Good old Tesco's had everything we needed and very reasonably priced.

I would recommend you, your Detox program and particularly the food to anyone. Can't wait to see you again when we return to Cyprus next April. Many many thanks, you have changed our lives'

Very Best Regards.


  Rosemary Christie, Paphos Cyprus - Chronic Stress

"Feeling on edge all the time I was so lucky to be given Caroline’s phone number. I meditated daily so could not see why for the last year or so, I felt so stressed. The doctor advised me to take tranquilizers, but I wasn’t going down that road. Caroline took a blood test and found that I had internal parasites. She explained that they could be causing the anxiety. Caroline gave me some tincture, and after taking it I started to feel much more at ease, and noticed my eyes were sparkling and clear. I felt on top of the world! Caroline was so kind to me she is a gem!"

Sue Davis - Paphos, Cyprus - Allergies Fatigue

"I met Caroline at the end of February 2011, very much as a last resort I was at my wits end with my worsening health problems going back to 2004. I felt tired all the time, fatigued and exhausted. I had digestive problems and was developing an increasing number of food sensitivities and resulting migraine headaches. I had seen many health care professionals here in Cyprus who basically said “this was the way I was”? and offered me an increasing number of “chemical cures”. Caroline gave me an immediate accurate diagnosis of my problems and more importantly a way of remedying them. After just 8 weeks of strictly following her recommendations I am free of the major problems and have a clear way forward to further improved health in the coming months. I am extremely grateful to the professional caring way in which Caroline has helped me to restore my health and quality of life."


Jane Mann - Peyia, Cyprus

"I am happy to acknowledge the expert assistance and advice given at Healthy Healing. This practice combines outstanding care and expertise to provide the most pleasant healing experience possible! As a patient my experience with the practice has been, without a doubt, a very positive one. The environment is friendly and progressive in its approach to customer service. But, most importantly Caroline has an obvious passion for excellence in her work and an evident desire to serve her clients. I was provided with an outstanding quality of care and professionalism through live blood analysis tests, ozone and magnetic therapy. My experience was, literally and figuratively, easy, painless and very enjoyable! I would, without reservation or hesitation, recommend Healthy Healing. Once again, I thank you. "

Joy Scott - Paphos, Cyprus.

"I was suffering from excessive tiredness and longstanding digestive discomfort. After receiving ozone therapy and advice on natural medicines at Healthy Healing I have been relieved of both conditions. The blood analysis available at this clinic is a wonderful means of monitoring various aspects of bodily functions. The initial test showed that my immune system was almost non existent. A recent test showed it is greatly improved and I have an increased sense of overall wellness. Thank you Healthy Healing."

Donna Pearson, Limassol

"When I first came to Healthy Healing I was extremely lethargic, nodding off early evenings, which I have never done. I was feeing bloated, suffering digestive pains, flatulence, struggling to remember things and I was gaining weight no matter how little I ate or drank. After your diagnosis and herbal treatments ....... WOW! What a fantastic difference! I lost an amazing 7kgs in TWO WEEKS (I did not know that was possible), the stomach pains have gone and I have just so much energy now that I bounce out of bed, raring to go, being able to remember everything. Everyone is telling me how healthy and good I look .... and no surprise really as my skin has become really soft all over, and my hair shiny, and I look and feel just so much more alert, which in turn has restored my beaming happy smile. Thank You Caroline"

Marion Lawrence,  Paphos

"I went to Healthy Healing after reading about various treatments in local press. I suffer from phlebitis in both legs and bad vein problems, it was very painful to touch my legs and I was worried about ulcers. After very caring Oxygenation treatment at Healthy Healing, which was painless, I can touch my legs and put cream on them and they are much better and new skin is growing. Also had blood analysis and treatment to clear problems there. Marion Lawrence"

Judith Patterson - Limassol, Cyprus

"Before undergoing Heavy Metal Detoxification with Healthy Healing I felt asleep mentally. My short term memory was very poor and my long term memory was gradually getting worse. I now feel both areas are greatly improved. My hands and feet no longer feel cold. I have much better flexibility and less joint pain. My overall fatigue has improved a lot. My skin colour and tone has drastically improved. My mental function has also improved"

Kimberly Jason - UK

"I am delighted that I came across your advert while on holiday in Cyprus. I am still amazed at how quickly I lost weight and gave up my asthma pumps after following your advice. I have recommended that my parents visit you when they go to Cyprus this December.""

Stuart - Peyia.

"15 to 20 years ago my GP prescribed Minocin antibiotics for me which he repeatedly prescribed through to 2011, and which were failing to address the problem. A consultation with Caroline involving a live blood test revealed the underlying problem. The Minocin were discontinued, and after a few short weeks the treatment prescribed by Caroline has made an incredible difference, addressing the problem not the symptom."

Michael P.

"I am 59 years old and also suffered long term IBS. I and my family moved to Cyprus in 2008. When I say “long term”, I approximate some 20 years! When consulting various GP’s in the UK, I was informed that I had IBS and all that I needed to do to ease the symptoms was to eat more fibre. They all seemed to sing from the same hymn book on this. My diet has included fibre for the duration, but sadly there was no improvement. Latterly, I had just resigned myself that this was going to be an ongoing problem I would have to suffer with.

Last year, in 2011, the symptoms worsened and bowel movements were more regular, including the frustration of nightly visits to the toilet. I read an article by Caroline in a local magazine on the subject, and decided to pay her a visit. Whilst sceptical, I thought I had nothing to lose. From blood analysis, Caroline detected that I had a parasite(s), which was the likely cause of my problems. I received treatment from Caroline and was put on a diet for a month, which I kept quite rigidly to. After a month, my blood was analysed again and whilst there was improvement, there were still traces of the parasite. Whilst the frustrations of my IBS had eased, Caroline recommended I continue with the diet for another few weeks, which I did and this did the trick. I have since been free of all my previous IBS symptoms and have been so grateful to Caroline. In fact other family members, who have visited Cyprus on holiday, I have recommended consult Caroline and have also been very satisfied with their treatment. I do strongly recommend you continue with treatment and hope, like me, by doing so, it will bring some normality to your life again."


Guenther B.

"For many years I have been suffering from multiple food intolerances with painful
symptomes like headache, vomitting, diarrhea und very painful stomache cramps which lasted up to 8 hours. In September last year I found the attached article in the Grapevine Magazine which you probably know.

I made an appointment with Caroline and this was the beginning of my permanent healing process, she discovered that I had parasites which caused a leaky gut which was responsible for my food intolerances. Using homeopathic medicine she removed first the parasites and then repaired my leaky gut. During this period I did not eat the food items which were my worst enemies: gluten, lactose and yeast. After 3 months Caroline told me that I am healed and that I can eat everything I want, before my treatment I used to have 2 - 3 attacks every month with the above mentioned symptomes. Since November last year I am eating everything I want and had zero attacks.

I am very grateful to Caroline that she healed me, all I had to do was following her instructions and show up for some follow up blood tests.

Go for it, be patient and get rid of your IBS!"