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If you want to shape your body and say goodbye to stubborn fat forever but do not have time to visit Healthy Healing, you can now hire professional cavitation equipment from us.

The equipment combines cavitation plus multipolar RF functions, and has a nice easy to use 3.5' touch screen. The combination of multipolar RF and Cavitation ensures the skin tightens as the fat breaks down, so you are not left with loose skin when the fat is emulsified.

It is very easy to use and comes with full instructions. Help is always available by phone if you need any advice.

You can collect your equipment from Healthy Healing in Paphos, or we will send it to you via Akis.

The equipment currently costs €100 per week to rent. This is a great saving on salon visits which start at €80 per session, and is even greater value if shared with a friend.

Rentals are for a minimum period of 3weeks.

You can book your equipment upto 6 weeks in advance.

Please see our main cavitation page for detailed information on cavitation and contraindications in using cavitation to remove fat.

Healthy Healing, partnering with Weightloss Cyprus, are the sole distributors of this fantastic revolutionary fat busting equipment

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