An alkalized environment is absolutely necessary if one is to benefit fully from any healing module. This includes both holistic and conventional treatment.

Acidic diet, lack of physical exercise, disease and excessive psychological stresses constitute the basis of our modern lifestyle. This unhealthy lifestyle causes acidosis or body over-acidity.

Acidosis is a very dangerous condition and is very common today. It weakens all our body systems. It triggers a general autotoxication of our body. This autotoxication leads to most known chronic diseases, like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, acid reflux, and premature aging.

While it is sometimes possible to alkalise the body with nutrition, it seldom works with the chronically sick, which is where Procaine - Bicarbonate infusions come in.

Procaine / Bicarbonate therapy is based on a certain type of infusion. The infusions are used to alkalise every cell in the body and to reduce pain. Its effect is shown by the fact that it eliminates the pain receptors and improves the blood circulation in the smallest vessels. This can diminish the pain and has also an anti-inflammatory effect. Procaine also leads to a pleasant mental relaxation.

Procaine is vasodilator (widens the blood vessels) and anti-inflammatory and it neutralizes free radicals (antioxidant effect). It has a balancing effect on the vegetative nervous system and is used for anesthesia. An important greater scope of application of procaine is the combined use as part of the procaine- bicarbonate therapy.

Here, a defined quantity of a Procaine, approved specifically for intravenous use, is mixed with a base (bicarbonate, THAM) in a saline solution and slowly administered as an infusion. The simultaneous addition of alkalizing substances is carried out with the aim of a prolongation of action of procaine, and improvement of procaine (membrane) availability by alkalisation of the cell environment.

It has been the inclusion of this therapy that has allowed us to achieve results never before realized.