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This article is a follow up to our May article on “Parasites the Invisible Enemy”. I have written this follow up due to the extraordinary high number of people suffering with digestive issues that ultimately were shown to be caused by parasite infections following the publication of that first article. I had assumed that this high number was due to many clients (whom had been suffering gas, bloating, digestive problems and IBS) passing on information on how their symptoms had disappeared after having live blood analysis and discovering that parasites were the root cause of their problems. Due to the fact that over 60% of clients come from client referrals, this seemed to make sense.

Following a weekend spent at the Mind Body Spirit show in Nicosia, where I gave a presentation on “Parasites the Invisible Enemy” and subsequently over the weekend studied 41 blood samples, I have had to change my mind regarding this assumption.

Out of the 41 tests performed, 28 tested positive for one or more parasites, all those with parasites also had serious yeast (Candida) overgrowth. A further 7 were suffering with yeast overgrowth without an accompanying parasite. An interesting point is that only fifteen of those tested actually took a test because they had digestive issues, the others stated that they were having the test just out of interest. On further questioning, many of those who did not believe they could have a problem with parasites, and then reported they did in fact have issues as I described upon seeing their blood, had not realised their problem could be related to parasites or Candida.

There is a common misconception that parasite infections only affect people in the gut. Parasite infections can and do often mimic other illnesses. During a trip to New Dehli in 2005 I met with a doctor who kindly let me see me his records which noted parasitic infections had often been misdiagnosed as peptic ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, acne, CFS and even diabetes. In two recorded cases of diabetes and several hypoglycaemia cases, the patients recovered their health when treated for tapeworm.

Parasites are known to migrate and encyst (become enclosed in a sac) in joint fluids, worms can also encyst in muscles. Once this happens, pain becomes evident and is often assumed to be caused by arthritis. Painful Joints, muscles and inflammation can also be the result of tissue damage caused by certain parasites or the body’s ongoing immune response to their presence.

Professional papers of researchers in the parasitological field, along with personal experience, have led me to believe that parasites are an insidious public health threat today. Insidious because of the misconception by the majority of physicians and the public alike those parasite infections mainly occur in Third World countries; the areas traditionally associated with poor hygiene. Insidious because most physicians do not suspect and therefore do not recognise classic symptoms. Insidious because even if physicians do suspect parasite infection, most use outdated testing procedures which result in under-diagnosis.

As I stated in a previous article, research shows It has been determined that the average hospital or lab is only able to catch 20% of the actual cases. Over 1000 species of parasites can live in the human body and there are tests available only for 40 to 50 types. This approximates to an accuracy of 1% and makes it very difficult for those without access to Live Blood Analysis to determine the presence of parasites.

Why do we succumb to parasite infections?

Parasites thrive in a sugar laden environment, they are opportunistic invaders. When the intestinal system is healthy and well balanced there is less opportunity for infestation. Perhaps a recent report which stated that Cyprus has the highest use of antibiotics per person in Europe could be a clue to the large number of people I am seeing infected. Antibiotics typically kill all bacteria, both good and bad, which upsets the natural ecology of the whole gastrointestinal track and allows parasites to thrive.

Along with parasites I often see Candida overgrowth. Candida is a yeast like organism found in the mouth, throat, stomach, bowel and vagina. Candid is usually kept under control by friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract, however Candida organisms under the right circumstances can be converted from their yeast form to a mycelia form which has root like growths. These mycelia yeasts penetrate the intestinal walls where they enable toxins such as proteins, alcohols and ammonia to be absorbed from the bowel into the bloodstream with debilitating consequences. While parasites and Candida live together in harmony, our human bodies do not function well when host to these invaders.

This information is not intended to cause alarm or distress. Parasite infections once realised are not difficult to cleanse from the system. There is an old saying “what you do not know can’t harm you” in the case of parasite infection this statement does not stand scrutiny. I believe this information is necessary and helps one understand why so often health seems to deteriorate without a plausible explanation. I have often seen long term issues disappear when parasites were eliminated from the body. I am so sure that undetected parasite infestation can wreak havoc in the body, I insist my own family parasite cleanse twice a year whether or not we have symptoms. Our pets are also regularly wormed.

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Caroline Carter
CAM Practitioner
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