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Ozone Therapy

A few of our many successes


Graham age 72 - suffering with a 5.8cm abdominal aorta aneurysm, drank ozonated water for 8 months and had a monthly ozone sauna after an initial course of 6 treatments.

Graham had the therapies as they made him feel well and stronger than he had in a long time, not because he or we thought the therapy would benefit his aneurysm.

On his return to the UK for his yearly examination in relation to his aneurysm, he was informed that his aneurysm had shrunk to 3.2cm. This is unheard of in conventional medicine. Grahams doctors insisted on several scans to ensure there was not a mistake.

David age 34 – UK resident suffering long term fatigue which included impotence. David was a bricklayer and had been unable to work for 2.5 years due to his fatigue. David visited Healthy Healing while visiting his parents whom are residents in Cyprus and had been happy with therapy they had received from us.

On his first visit David was unable to lift his arms above shoulder level and had an energy level of 2 on a scale of 1 – 10.

By the end of 10 daily ozone therapies, David was walking 4 miles a day with his father. David stayed for a month and had daily ozone saunas, he is now back at work full time bricklaying, he is also expecting his first child.

Ann-Marie Cyprus resident had over the course of several years, spent thousands of pounds visiting clinics both here and abroad trying to cure a non healing leg ulcer. Ann-Marie had a total of 12 ozone saunas over the course of 4 weeks which along with daily use of ozonated olive oil cured the ulcer.

Carole age 62 Had suffered for many years with sinitus, a small change in diet along with 4 ozone therapies has to date left her free of sinitus. Carole, like many clients has regular monthly sauna therapy as she feels it keeps her in tip-top condition.

 Kim age 52 - UK resident with depression, sleep problems and night muscle cramps, no longer takes Prozac and sleeps well following a dietary change and a course of ozone therapy taken while visiting relatives here in Cyprus.

Malcolm age 65 UK resident had painful creaky knees and found walking more than a few yards very uncomfortable. Just two ozone saunas allowed him to walk much further without any discomfort. Malcolm is returning to Cyprus to have further treatment.

Marie age 39 hurt her right shoulder lifting a heavy suitcase. She could not lift her arm above shoulder level unless she had painful cortisone injections. A course of ozone therapy has to date left her pain free with full movement.

3 out of 4 Females who had been trying to conceive for 3+ years fell pregnant following a course of vaginal ozone therapy

These are just a sample of the many successes achieved at Healthy Healing using ozone therapy.

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Ozone and Steam Sauna 30 minutes 45.00 per session
Discount on six sessions 40.00 per session

Vaginal Insufflation 40 minutes 25.00 per session
Discount on ten sessions 20.00 per session

Anal Insufflation 25 minutes 35.00 per session
Discount on six sessions 30.00 per session

Ear Insufflation 10-20 minutes 10.00 per session
Discount on ten sessions 8.00 per session