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Ozone Therapy


Research shows ozone to be effective in severe cases of rheumatoid arthritis with stiffness and inflammation.

A Cuban study shows patients scored twenty five percent better than those who received drug therapy did.

Those who used ozone suffered no adverse effects; meanwhile, those on drugs received additional steroids or suffered from gastritis.

Another study at the Center of Medical-Surgical Studies in Havana, involved sixty
patients with osteoarthritis of the knee given one interarticular injection of ozone weekly.

The majority (93.3%) was symptom free after ten weeks of ozone treatments.

As one ages there is a tendency to take drugs to alleviate pain. Many drugs tend to bind and hinder the absorption of nutrients.

The deficiency of nutrients from bad eating habits and malabsorption speeds up the cycle of degeneration.

Nutritional supplements are needed to help rebuild and prevent arthritis.

The first step in the healing process should be cleaning the colon. This will help eliminate any food allergies or toxins and restore balance.

Arthritis sufferers are deficient mostly in calcium, magnesium, all B vitamins, A, C, D, beta-carotene, enzymes for proper digestion, amino acids and the essential
fatty acids.

Glucosamine sulfate reduces pain. A diet of raw fruit (non-acidic) and
vegetables, fresh juices, nuts and seeds, and protein from whole grains should be on the menu.

Avoid refined sugar, milk, intoxicants, processed foods, rhubarb and cranberries because of the oxalic acid.

Avoid red meat because of the uric acid.

Herbs and Foods for Arthritis


Alfalfa Fish
Aloe Vera Flaxseed Oil
Ashwagandha Garlic
Black Cohosh Ginger
Black Walnut Green Tea
Brigham Tea Kelp
Boswellia Lobelia
Bromelain Olive Oil
Burdock Onions
Capsicum Parsley Tea
Celery Seed Sarsaparilla
Chaparral Seasilver
Cod Liver Oil Scullcap
Comfrey Turmeric
Devil's Claw Tea Valerian Root
Essiac Tea Wild Lettuce Tea
Evening Primrose Wormwood
Feverfew Yarrow
Fiber Yucca Extract

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