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Tissue Mineral Analysis

Tissue Mineral Analysis is a specialized lab test that charts a person's biochemistry. It shows all mineral levels, trace minerals levels and toxic heavy metals that are in the person’s body as well as showing the metabolic type.
In today’s modern world many people are feeling a level of health well below what they know they can and should feel.
Instead of feeling vital, energized, healthy and happy many people are experiencing fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, memory loss, insomnia, digestive system problems, unexplained weight gain, skin complaints and lowered libido.

Instead of guessing what your body needs and using the wrong supplements or worse taking drugs to treat a simple deficiency or imbalance - Hair Tissue mineral analysis can analyze what is passing through your blood and give an accurate metabolic report.
Knowing your metabolic type and knowing whether or not you have a mineral balance that needs addressing is essential knowledge when starting on a program of recovering or improving your health.
It is for this reason that Healthy Healing offers all clients the opportunity to have TMA (tissue mineral analysis) performed by a world renowned laboratory.

Trace Elements are called the “spark Plugs of Life” because they are required to activate hundreds of enzyme reactions within the body

Minerals are more important than vitamins since plants manufacture vitamins, but minerals must be obtained from the soil. Due to the many chemical fertilizers now in use our soils are between 60 -80% depleted of these vital nutrients. If minerals are not in the soil they are not in the plant.

If Broccoli is grown in selenium deficient soil, it has no nutritional selenium, It doesn’t matter what your dietician or the four food groups say, if there is no selenium in the soil there is no selenium in the crops grown in that soil-period. Selenium is just one of many minerals that are now naturally deficient in European and North American soils.
Due to this depletion of minerals it would now be absolutely impossible for us to survive on food that was sufficient for our grandparents..

Although people are starting to realise this fact and are adding supplements to their diet, too many make the mistake of supplementing their diets with vitamins only.
This is an exercise in futility for one very important reason. Minerals are involved in every metabolic function in the body.

If you are deficient in minerals, you not only do not absorb the vitamins in your food, you do not absorb the vitamins in the supplements.

Minerals and vitamins work in synergy, there are some minerals that can work without vitamins but it is impossible for vitamins to work without minerals, if you have a mineral imbalance your vitamins are not working as they are meant to.

Life is dependent upon the bodies’ ability to extract minerals.

Minerals not only help shape our bodies, but our minds as well.

If our bodies lose too much calcium, our bodies can bend and crumble. If our bodies accumulate too much iron, we may become angry, aggressive and hostile.

Minerals possess a dual effect. They may prove beneficial for one person but detrimental for another. This effect depends largely on your Metabolic Type.

For Example

• Calcium supplements or high-calcium-containing foods can help prevent osteoporosis   in one person, but actually contribute to brittle bone in another.
• Zinc can help fight the effects of a virus but too much can contribute to bacterial   infections.
• Even though copper is essential, too much can cause depression weight gain, PMS,   and frontal headaches.
• Iron is necessary to prevent anaemia, but too much can cause a different type of   anaemia, and contribute to migraines, arthritis and cancer.
• Excessive vitamin E intake can produce symptoms that suggest a vitamin A   deficiency. Taking vitamin A will counter the effects of vitamin E, but in some people   this will produce a vitamin D deficiency.

These are just a few examples; there are hundreds of ways that minerals and vitamins can cause problems for the body when they are not balanced.

The development of tissue mineral analysis through hair has helped considerably in understanding the complex relationships of minerals in the body.

By utilising TMA, metabolic therapy no longer needs to be based on symptoms that may or may not be the primary problem.

The nutritional treatment of an individual, or the correction of metabolic disturbance, can now be directed toward bringing the entire metabolic environment into a more ideal balance and towards the final goal which is that of homeostasis

How is the test performed?

We take a small sample of your hair and send it to a specialist laboratory in the US.

The lab puts your hair in a test tube and douses it with hydrochloric acid, pepsin and bile, the juices in your stomach which digest protein. When the protein in your hair is digested, a white ash remains.

This ash is run through $2 million worth of electro spectrographic equipment. It detects your "trace elements."

This is why it doesn't matter if you've had a perm or if you've put hair spray on your hair. Your "hair" is gone by the time it's time for the test.

Hair samples can be sent to Healthy Healing via post. Results are usually available within 2 weeks.


Full Mineral Analysis - Hair sample sent to lab in USA - €140
       (Approximately 2 weeks).

Sorry, we are unable to accept payment by card. Cheque or cash only please.