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BORRELIA burgdorferi

From a single tick bite a person is infected with approximately 10 to 1000 Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria.

In a healthy slightly alkaline environment, these bacteria are normally detected by the immune system thus triggering an alarm within the body. This alarm helps bring as many white blood cells (immune police) to the infected area. The body increases the blood flow around the bite which shows as redness and heat indicating local inflammation. The increased blood flow and heat activates the immune system, providing more oxygen for the immune cells (immune police) and helps with detoxification of the infection. In no time the bacteria is eradicated. There are thousands of people infected with Lyme who have no symptoms because their immune system was able to eradicate the problem in the first place.

In an unhealthy acidic environment, where the immune system is already overloaded or works under difficult circumstances, it's a completely different story. Below are a few well known contributors that increase the chance of Lyme turning into a severe problem.

Low cellular oxygen causing anaerobic conditions,

  • Metabolic acidosis,

  • Heavy metal toxicity

  • Co-infections with mold, tropical virus and other bacteriahelicobacter like pylori

  • Deficiencies of minerals and fatty acids

  • An already compromised immune system

  • Stress in the external and internal environment

The infection starts off with a few bacteria escaping into the body and starting to replicate. Every 6 to 12 hours these Lyme bacteria double and slowly grow into a large army dedicated to take over the host. These numbers may not sound very dangerous but if you play mathematical drama you can see that from 10 bacteria you get just after a month 10 to the power of 120 bacteria which is too high for a calculator to even show as a number. The replication rate of Borrelia burgdorferi depends on all the above conditions.


Whenever you are infected with Borrelia burgdorferi you are at risk that the disease unfolds into stage 1, 2, or even 3.  This growth can be triggered by a single stressful event like the death of a loved one or when your unconscious dentist drills out an old mercury filling without the proper precautions. Even a co infection like mold or a tropical virus for example can trigger Lyme to grow. This is important to know especially for partners of Lyme disease patients even though they have not yet any symptoms. A kiss with exchange of body fluids can just be as dangerous as a tick bite.

Lyme can lay dormant for years when the living conditions for these bacteria are hostile or when they are kept in check by a healthy immune system. However when they find the right food and fertile environment they thrive.


In most patients with stage 2 or 3 Lyme disease you will find between 3 to 6 of the above described conditions combined. You may have heavy metal toxicity, a co infection or a stressful time. All of this helps the Lyme bacteria to thrive. In fact Lyme really needs mercury or Arsenic or Aluminum to unfold

This is why all protocols regarding Lyme do not only try to get rid of the infectious bacteria and co-infections but also remove heavy metals and replenish deficiencies that prevent your immune system from doing their job. Most treatments that have been used in the past are capable to reduce the bacterial load and to keep your immune system active enough to deal with the Lyme overgrowth but they never really get rid of them all.

The problem with Lyme is that you have more or less 3 tasks which have to be performed at once.

  1. Kill as many Borrelia burgdorferi in the shortest time possible to reduce the threat.

  2. Detoxify the body from heavy metals and co infections

  3. Replenish all deficiencies

  4. Radically change the acidic internal terrain to a slightly alkaline one to ensure Lyme cannot return.

Our Lyme program addresses the above in the following way


  1. Kill the borrellia, its co-infections and mold with high dose or 10 pass ozone and frequency treatments.

  2. Detoxify the body from heavy metals with colonics, lymphatic drainage, massage, ozone saunas and organ cleansing.

  3. Replenish deficiencies with IV infusions of vitamins and minerals

Change the compromised, acidic internal terrain to a healthy slightly alkaline environment and negate pain with Procaine- bicarbonate infusions.

Support recovery with 5 month herbal program

Please download the information below on how ozone works with Lyme and tic borne disease