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Testimonials from all-inclusive clients

These clients have all said they are happy to discuss their treatments if requested.



Katrina Carmichael- Australia

I have arrived home yesterday after spending 6 weeks at Healthy Healing in Paphos Cyprus. The main reasons that I picked Healthy Healing for my treatment was the Holistic Approach that they offered and also the fact that accommodation meals and transport was offered as part of the package.

I knew that having to work out what I was going to eat each day and having to source the complex dietary requirements (dairy, grain, sugar, gluten free and vegan) was going to be extremely difficult and exhausting. I also didn't want to feel isolated while having treatment.

From day one I was happy with my choice - to be welcomed with open arms and a beautiful and nourishing broccoli soup for lunch after 33 hours of travel was so welcome and amazing! Diane the "house Mum" cooks amazing Healthy and nutritious meals and she caters for different requirements. As they understand that correct nutrition plays an important part of Healing - the food at the villa is dairy, gluten, refined sugar and highly processed free.

I loved the concept of being in share accommodation with other patients undergoing treatment (4 at any one time). We all formed amazing friendships and supported each other throughout our journey. We each had our own en-suite (with bath) double size bedrooms all air-conditioned. things like Epsom salts / magnesium for bath soaks - fluoride free toothpaste and chemical free body washes were provided. Ozonated and alkaline water was available as was Turmeric Golden Mylk.

The villa has a beautiful pool area with sun lounges which is a great way to relax after a day of treatments.

The treatments that I received at Healthy Healing were IV ozone and IV vitamin C - I opted to pay for extra IV ozones and Vit c during my stay. This is done by the absolutely amazingly wonderful Dr Mala at her practice in the mornings and then it would be off to Healthy Healing Clinic for treatments that included Live Blood and Darkfield analysis, Anal and vagina ozone insufflations, ozone FIR sauna, Colonics, Mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber, enemas (including coffee and parasite), FIR massage suit, Bioptron light therapy, magnetic therapy, NESS therapy, intranasal laser, and various massages therapies such a lymph drainage and deep tissue.

As each person is different and at different stages the treatments really are tailored to each person. I also underwent a liver and gall bladder cleanse and a parasite cleanse. Caroline who runs the clinic is very knowledgeable and will go over and above to make sure you are getting whatever you need to ensure the best healing outcomes. Some issues were picked up with my health and different options were offered to me that were not in the package to make sure I was able to heal which I thought was so amazing.

So - how am I feeling - the first 4 1/2 weeks I felt pretty yuck!! It was a tough 4 weeks - my veins were no cooperating at all and Dr Mala was amazingly patient and so kind to help me through this. I also had kidney, bladder and adrenal fatigue issues and vitamin B12 issues that were all able to be treated and pretty much resolved during my stay thanks so Dr Mala and Caroline and the extra treatments that were offered to me. So by week 5 my energy levels were high, symptoms were disappearing and I was starting to feel AMAZING!!! Constant headaches (I have had them since childhood) have all but disappeared, I feel fresh and vitalized.

I have arrived home after 32 hours of very little sleep (5 hours) to my husband and kids saying how amazing and fresh I looked and I amazingly felt pretty damn good - they all said my eyes have changed color and I was much happier and relaxed. I saw my chiro a couple of hours after arriving home and his reaction was the same - he couldn't get over how well I looked and how bright and clear my eyes were - he also commented that it was the easiest adjustment he had had to do on me ever as my muscles weren't a rock hard mess!!

Aside from this I still have a lot of healing to do - especially my gut - I started a gut protocol in Cyprus that involved high dose probiotics, HCL betain and pepsin and digestive enzymes. My gut is destroyed from years of high dose antibiotics as a child. I have followed a very Holistic healing approach since being diagnosed which did not include any antibiotics or pharmaceuticals - just diet, nutrition and supplements. I really believe that working on my gut which is top priority as it is causing inflammation issues - will benefit me even more. I have purchased a water ozonator for the kitchen, I have ordered a portable fir sauna so I can have ozone saunas each day - I will be doing enemas at home and I am ordering an ozone machine for insufflations etc.

I will continue my clean diet as it has had a huge impact on my health. I believe that Caroline and her team and really made a massive improvement to my health and I believe it was worth every cent to go over to Cyprus. I don't believe it is a magic bullet and I believe that diet - cleansing liver and gall bladder and cutting down on toxins in your life - eg toxic cleaning products, toxic body products will be a massive help to you. I still have work to do but feel the best I have in years.


Sheila Simmons- Spain

I spent 4 weeks at Healthy Healing in Paphos with Katrina and would go along with everything she has said. I have now come home to Spain and I am better than I have been for several years. Katrina and I became really good friends and I am positive the holistic atmosphere in the villa helped in many ways to our getting so well. I could repeat all that Katrina has said but I can add that I had difficulty going upstairs when I arrived at Paphos but can now go up quickly. My legs are getting stronger every day and I no longer have pain in the morning anywhere else due to the combined treatment of the doctor and excellent knowledge of Caroline being able to work out individual programs to meet our various needs. People are also telling me I look like a new person and my eyes have their sparkle back. I learned so much in the time I was there and will continue to use the knowledge to keep myself well. I would sincerely recommend the clinic in Paphos as I do feel the all-round package as Katrina explained, is so good.
Good luck to you all on your journey wherever you decide to go. Sheila Simmons.

Antony Marshall UK



3 weeks into treatment.



Rachel Rushworth, UK

'Rachel had been sick since childhood, suffering with a variety of chronic conditions. 15 years ago she was diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). Rachel had for many years tried a whole range of alternative therapies and diets after not receiving relief with conventional treatments. None had helped.

When Rachel left Cyprus in May she said she could never remember feeling so well.
She spent 5 weeks in Cyprus undergoing colonics, daily ozone therapy and mainly a juice and raw food diet.

In July 2013 she wrote: “I still feel amazing and am hoping this continues without the ozone treatment until I can get back out for a top up. I have in total lost 1 stone and 3 pounds. 3 inches of my waist, 2 1/2 inches of each leg, and 2 1/2 inches off my arms. Which clearly is and added bonus as I had been trying to lose weight for months to no avail.

I was excited to show my GP how well I was as he has known me for years but he just smiled. I left him your leaflet on ozone to enable him to explore it if interested. I told him I hope for many sick peoples sake that one day it becomes more mainstream and that he will then look back at our conversation and wished he listened.

A massive thank you for everything. Before I came to Cyprus I could not even think and was almost permanently in bed, feeling that this was to be my destiny. You have given me my life back, my family their sister/daughter, my friends and partner also have the person they love back. Thank you”.

Rachel visited us again in October, and is still well. She stated she will be happy to discuss her therapy and recovery to anyone who is interested. Contact details supplied on request.