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Kidney Cleanse

Few people realise there is a strong link between the heart and the kidneys.

It would seem that if you look after your kidneys, your heart may not have much to worry about.

The Kidneys are very delicate, blood filtering organs that are easily congested due to poor digestion, stress and an irregular lifestyle. The main cause of kidney congestion however is stones. Most stones/crystals are too small to be seen with diagnostic instruments such as x-rays.

Kidneys perform one of the most delicate balancing acts in the human body; they maintain the right acid-alkaline concentration of sodium and potassium in the blood and other fluids. This is commonly known as the pH balance. If this balance is not kept in a very narrow range you run the risk of suffering acidosis (too acidic) or alkalosis (too alkaline).

Kidney cleansing is undertaken by simply taking herbal tinctures and chlorella to help move out any heavy metals. These herbs, when taken daily for a period of one to two months,help dissolve all the various types of kidney stone, including uric acid stones, oxalic stones, phosphate stones and amino acid stones.

Studies, published in September 2004 in the New England Journal of Medicine found a clear correlation between chronic kidney disease (even non-severe) and cardiovascular disease, which makes prevention of kidney disease extremely important. In one of the studies, researchers examined three years of data covering the medical records from over one million patients.

In those patients where the GFR (glomerular filtration rate) was below 45, the risk of death jumped by 17 percent, and the risk of a cardiovascular event increased by more than 40 percent.

In a different study, conducted in the cardiovascular division of Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, researchers showed that a GFR below 45 among patients who had suffered heart attack boosted death risk to more than 45 percent.

Noting that factors common to kidney disease also boost the risk of cardiovascular disease and death, the researchers concluded that even mild kidney disease or crystalline build up should be considered a major risk.

These are just two of numerous studies that show poorly functioning kidneys and heart disease is linked. These studies give a clear message that keeping the kidneys clean and healthy is an important step in keeping your heart healthy.

Kidney health largely depends on efficient performance of the digestive system. To allow the kidneys do their job of blood filtering, the basal membranes of the capillaries and arteries supplying blood to the kidney cells must be free of any protein deposits. Kidney health also depends on how well the lymph ducts are able to drain the kidneys’ metabolic waste products and millions of turned-over, dead kidney cells each day.

Congestion in the body’s largest lymph vessel leads to back-flushing of waste in the kidneys, which slowly suffocates the kidneys in their own waste and cell debris. Keeping the lymphatic system clean and mucus free is also essential to maintaining good health.

If you have kidney stones several cleanses are advisable. For those without current symptoms, cleansing the kidneys every 24 months comes highly recommended.


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