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Candida The Insidious Enemy

Are you a closet cookie monster?

If you crave sweets sugary items or even alcohol, you may unknowingly harbour yeasts that are gobbling up your sugars before you can use them. These hidden gremlins in the gut give the tell-tell signs of bloating and indigestion after meals, especially when you must let out your belt or plan on wearing looser clothing that you used to for any particular meal.

Candida albicans is one of the most common type of yeast we normally house in our intestines, however, if the delicate balance between Candida and the other bugs is tipped, Candida grows rampantly, and can produce over one hundred different symptoms, beginning with the gut.

The many causes of Candida outbreaks

Taking antibiotics that kill off a multitude of bacteria but does not kill yeasts, is the most common way to cause an outbreak. With no competition from healthy bacteria, yeasts grow wildly and take control of the gut. Diets high in sugar will also enhance the outbreak as can medication like prednisone, birth control pills and other synthetic estrogens.

Sadly, synthetic estrogens are not only entering our bodies with medication. They also silently enter our bodies from toxic chemicals and are known as estrogen mimics. These are found in plastic bottles holding liquids like soda and water as well a plastic sweet wrappers, supermarket meat and vegetables.

In addition, estrogen mimics can enter our bodies from the pesticides that continue to contaminate our food air and water.

Candida can mimic any symptom

Once Candida take over the gut, it inflames the gut wall provoking much gas, bloating, indigestion, alternating diarrheal and constipation, or pain that you may suffer.

If the yeast inflames the lower oesophagus or stomach, you have burning and heartburn.

If the lining of the small intestine is inflamed, carrier or transport proteins are damaged making it more difficult for the gut to absorb vitamins and minerals – with mysterious fatigue and new infections the possible result. Now with the gut inflamed putrefactive toxins from the bowel leak into the bloodstream, promoting aches and pains all over as well as damaging local nerves in the gut, which lead to constipation.
Because the inflamed gut can leak large food particles that the immune system has never encountered before, an antibody attack is mounted against them. Now the innocent host of Candida (you) has allergies to all sort of foods that never bothered you before

Food allergies are only the beginning. As Candida inflames the gut wall where half the body’s detoxification system lies, you may find yourself reacting to perfumes, smoke, cleansers, and chemicals in the environment with runny noses, brain fog, depression, fatigue, dizziness or pains all over.

Yeasts can make you drunk without drinking.

If you are unable to tolerate alcohol Candida could very well be the reason why.
As a living organism, Candida must rid itself of toxins, specifically acetaldehyde, a Candida toxin that some people will have problems with.
In people who are unable to excrete toxins as quickly and efficiently as they should, acetaldehyde can accrue causing a host of problems. (Acetaldehyde is actually product of alcohol metabolism that is more toxic than alcohol itself, created when the alcohol in the liver is broken down. It is our bodies alcohol detox program)

With Candida, one does not have to drink alcohol to get the livers auto brewery function working as with acetaldehyde in the system, gut bugs will make their own alcohol like compounds.

It is acetaldehyde that stimulates the chemistry causing sugar cravings.

In addition to having gas, bloating, indigestion some people can appear drunk and disorientated or they can have severe mood swings, depression or even mania.

Experience has taught me that only a healthy body, not any drug or supplement can overcome Candida.

At Healthy Healing we have been successfully reversing Candida for many years with our diet and organ cleansing protocol. Although the regime is strict, those who have followed it through are now free of symptoms and living a normal and active lifestyle.

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