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As someone who has worked in the field of nutrition for more than 23 years, I was during December asked if there was a safe and non toxic way to slow down a friend’s level 1V aggressive melanoma.

This friend had received his diagnosis from a biopsy on 21st December P1 P2 and had been told by his doctor that it was a “Spindle Cell” melanoma, which is particularly aggressive and it was imperative that he underwent surgery, followed by chemotherapy as soon as was possible.

As this particular form of cancer has a survival rate of just 55% over 10 year’s it does not take much imagination to understand the worry that set in!

Despite the doctors stated urgency, my friend was told by the hospital, that he would have to wait until the 6th February for his operation. On realising that he would have to wait longer than anticipated, despite being rather sceptical of natural therapies, he decided to take a holistic nutrition based approach, to slow the cancer down, while waiting.

As a holistic nutritionist, I am very much of the mind that in most cases of disease, it is the bodies own defences that need building up, if one is to reverse the disease. During my time practicing, this has been proven to me time and time again.

On the 3rd of January we started using a well known holistic anti-cancer protocol based on cleansing; a complete change of diet and mega vitamin input. I remembered reading a study which had recently been undertaken in Brisbane Australia, where they found an association between vitamin D deficiency and tumour thickness in newly diagnosed melanoma patients, so we also included daily FIR/ozone combination saunas in the protocol.

FIR saunas help promote natural vitamin D and according to Dr. Brian Clement, the medical director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, which is one of the world's oldest complementary health centres, is one of the best forms of therapy to remove toxic substances from the body.


Dr Clements states

Infrared saunas are a great option, and can significantly expedite the detoxification process. It heats your tissues several inches deep, which can enhance your natural metabolic processes. It also enhances circulation and helps oxygenate your tissues.
Your skin is a major organ of elimination, but many people do not sweat on a regular basis. Sedentary living and sun damage also inactivate your skin. Repeated use of the sauna slowly restores skin elimination, which can help reduce your toxic load quite significantly. Not only will it help rid your body of heavy metals and chemicals, it will also help kill off viruses and other microbes—even cancerous cells”.

Along with the correct nutrition, each of these processes is considered, in holistic circles to be essential, when treating any form of cancer naturally.

After just one week into his new lifestyle, my friend stated his surprise at how well he felt both physically and mentally. On the 3rd of February a scan had been scheduled to see how rapidly the cancer was spreading. Imagine my friends surprise when no cancer whatsoever showed up on the scan.

Despite the negative scan results, my friend was told the operation and a lymph node biopsy was still necessary, so as planned, he went to Nicosia, and underwent 4 hours of surgery which needed over 100 stitches. During surgery no cancer was found, but tissue was taken and sent off for further analysis.

Two weeks later my friend was called back to Nicosia where they informed him the tests had shown there was no sign of cancer whatsoever.

While some may read this and consider it a miracle, it is nothing of the sort.

During the first week in January this year, I received good news from another friend who had taken advice on treating his newly diagnosed aggressive bladder cancer, naturally. He had decided against conventional treatment as it involved bladder removal, followed up with chemotherapy. He lives in the UK and followed a similar protocol as mentioned here. Seven months after his bladder cancer diagnosis, he too received a negative result.

I am on several support forums where people choose to treat their cancers naturally and there are thousands who have successfully done so. Sadly in the UK, due to the 1939 Cancer act, which criminalises informing people about or treating cancer with anything other than conventional treatments, few of these cases ever get reported in mainstream media.

Although I would not advise anyone to take the nutritional route rather than the conventional one when diagnosed with cancer, I would definitely say that there is nothing wrong with trying the nutritional direction while waiting for conventional treatment. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain, as a well nourished and oxygenated body will stand a person in good stead, whichever course they decide to follow. I would also say that the treatments are not mutually exclusive.

A few years ago I helped a client who had been advised to have her spleen removed due to the presence of a tumour. Her Oncologist had suggested spleen removal as the preferred option, due to the size of the tumour. Following her own research she decided against spleen removal and instead opted for chemotherapy while simultaneously using an oxygen based nutritional approach.

Not only was the treatment successful, she never suffered the usual side effects caused by chemotherapy. At the conclusion of her treatment, the clients Oncologist also remarked that he had never seen a tumour disappear so fast.

Cleansing and nutrition, especially when combined with mega vitamin therapy, will often work where other treatments fail. Every single vitamin affects a multitude of bodily processes; it therefore stands to reason that deficiency, of even one vitamin will be detrimental to many functions. Addressing nutrient deficiency is paramount if one is to return a sick tired body to one of vitality and health.

On our “Cured with Nutrition” link, you can view video testimonials from cancer survivors who chose nutritional therapy over conventional treatments. The video testimonials include those who have cured stage 1V breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and a touching nutrition based recovery story from mother whose daughter had been diagnosed with an aggressive and rare brain cancer.