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OZONE: A new lease on life



Four week all-inclusive program for treatment of chronic fatigue, lyme & renewal of health

Prices in Euro


Healthy Healing is a small holistic clinic set in the beautiful Sea Caves are of Paphos.

We always look for the root cause of the problem.

To ensure our overseas clients receive the attention they deserve, we only accommodate four clients per month.

This is an intense oxygen orientated program designed to kill moulds, viruses and pathogens and to give you a new lease on life.

As a lyme sufferer I have been well because of ozone since 2005. Ozone worked for me and has so far worked for others we have treated.

Accommodation is in large villa with pool, close to clinic and only 5 minutes from the beach. Own double room with en-suite full size bath and internet in each room.

Rooms are also equipped with an ozonater/ioniser air filter and the property is ooznated daily with an industrial ozonater to combat airborne pathogens.

Our nutritionist will be at the accommodation daily from Monday - Saturday to cook and generally act in the role of house mother to look after your needs.

Partners wishing to stay in the same room and not receive treatment will receive a 70% discount.

Partners or children sharing a room and requiring therapy will receive a 20% discount.

Deposit of 35% payable on booking with remainder due three weeks prior to arrival.

Prices and adjunct treatments are subject to change.

A pass to Spa Tonic Health club is inluded in the program duing winter months. November-March. Transfers are provided.

Spa Tonic


4 week program including accommodation and meals prepared by qualified nutritionist/cook. Individual diets catered for.

Ozonated and alkaline drinking water available always available.

Direct IV ozone (5000gamma)+ vitamin C.


Ozone anal and or vaginal insufflations:

Ozone ear insufflations where indicated

Minimum 2 colonics

High enemas performed by qualified surgical nurse with ozonated water, anti parasite tinctures or coffee for liver stimulation.

NESS Energetic scan

Deta Elis anti-parasite frequency treatment.

Paient speific therapy: massage, rife frequency therapy, EPMF (pulsed magnetic therapy) Bioptron light wave therapy, nasal red light therapy, hot stone treatment.

Lymphatic drainage.

FIR/ozone or traditional saunas to aid herxheimer effects.

Live blood analysis throughout program. Video’s of sessions.

Gentle ti chi sessions at accommodation when clients are able.

Hemi-sync brain syncronising.

Liver flush to aid herx reaction

Patient-specific Supplements

Each client receives Deta Elis anti-parasite frequency equipment to keep on their person, for the duration of their stay.

Daily consults with the Doctor and Clinic Practitioner


Transfers to and from the airport.

Two weekly drop of and collections to Paphos Harbour/ Old town/Main Shopping centre.

            Health kits to use in accommodation.

Personal foot bath, ozone/ioniser filter.

Organic Coconut/Olive Oil for oil pulling in the morning

Organic products to lesson load on detox -shampoo, conditioner, face cream, soap, fluoride free toothpaste Detox Salts for foot bath Dry Skin Brush

SIM card with a local number to use in Cyprus            

This is a fully inclusive package. .

Extras would be IV supplements, ie Myers Cocktails, vitamin Injections or therapy provided by the doctor at clients request.

The high dose ozone IV treatments are performed by an eperienced M.D who treats patients daily with ozone.

All our therapists are UK qualified.

Adjunct treatments and prices subjet to change



Four weeks AI June - Sept 6400
Four weeks AI Oct - May 6000
six weeks AI Jun - Sept 9000
Six weeks AI Oct - May 8500