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OZONE: A new lease on life






Do you dream of getting back to normality and eradicating constant fatiguing pain?

Would you do anything to return to a state of vibrant health, but have no idea what to do next?

If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place.

At Healthy Healing we understand what it is like when daily life becomes a constant struggle and you yearn to become the person you used to be.

I am Caroline Carter and have worked in the field of alternative health for over 24 years. Passionate about helping people from all around world suffering with Lyme and chronic disease, I empower them to become pain free and regain their previous state of good health.

How it all began

Having been in your position and knowing what it is like to go from doctor to doctor, including naturopaths, but never receiving an answer and not feeling any better, after years of struggling with pain and fatigue, I decided to tap into a network of alternative doctors based abroad, asking for their advice.

During my period of intense research I was told about ozone and was so desperate to obtain a remedy that I went to India to give it a try. I couldn't believe that after just 4 weeks I was 80% pain free; after 6 weeks I was able to work again and by 8 weeks I was feeling like my old self. This was totally due to the remarkable results that I received with ozone therapy.

Now feeling like the original me, I made a decision to dedicate my life to educating and helping others, enabling them to heal their bodies with ozone too and in 2007, Healthy Healing was born. We are an established integrative practice based in Paphos, Cyprus. I have treated hundreds of patients successfully, including those from the USA, Israel, Australia, Russia and the UK. Because the success rate has been so phenomenally high, I decided to offer facilities for a full Healthy Healing Retreat; now patients can join us in Cyprus, experience the benefits of a full treatment plan and relax and chill out at the same time. The result is that they are left pain free, energized and back to a normal state of health.

Healthy Healings Doctor

The overseeing physician for Healthy Healing is Dr Natasa Mala who has been providing patients with ozone IV's and natural infusions for over 25 years.

Doctor Mala was born in Nicosia Cyprus in 1963 and speaks perfect English, Greek and German. The doctor studied for six years general medicine in Germany at the Philips University in Marburg, one of the oldest Universities in Medical Studies.

She qualified to be a doctor in 1988 and specializes in Alternative Medicine as well as being a general practitioner who works closely with the local community.

The doctor's deep understanding of both medical and natural treatments enables many more options than is usual in the treatment of chronic illnesses.

Why visit the Healthy Healing Retreat?

We are the only practice offering:

•  10 pass ozone and hard HBOT

•  Bepoke infusions Procaine-Bicarbonate and DCA

•  Enemas with coffee and anti-parasitic herbals

•  All-inclusive accommodation

How does the treatment at the Retreat work?

Our comprehensive programme is designed to work as follows. We will:

•  Kill Borrelia, its co-infections, mould and viruses with a ten pass ozone

•  Detoxify the body, removing heavy metals with juicing, Rolfing massage, manual and machine lymphatic drainage, ozone saunas and organ cleansing

•  Replenish deficiencies with IV infusions of vitamins and minerals

•  Changes your acidic internal terrain to a healthy slightly alkaline environment, negating pain and inflammation with Procaine- bicarbonate and DCA infusions to ensure diseases such as Lyme cannot return

•  Support ongoing recovery with a 5 month herbal support protocol

Retreat Therapies as per the individuals requirements

What does it cost?

To achieve the best results, our all-inclusive retreats run for 6 - 8 weeks BUT, depending on your personal circumstances, we can provide shorter or extended stays or treatment only plans from JUST 5500 Euros.

* Includes transfers and accomodation in a double or twin room with en-suite and WIFI( wi-fi protection in all rooms. Bespoke menu plan by our in-house nutritionist

*Four weeks all-inclusive 6950 euros

* Six week all-inclusive 9250 euros

* Eight week all-inclusive 11950 euros

For those staying in their ownaccommodation:

* Four weeks treatment only 5495 euros

* Six weeks treatment only 7995 euros

* Eight weeks treatment only 10500 euros

I look forward to welcoming you to the Healthy Healing Retreat. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like further details or have questions to ask.

Early bookings are advised as we have very limited availability



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