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OZONE: A new lease on life





Is day to day life is becoming more of a struggle and you'd love to get back to the person you used to be?

Do you want to relieve pain and get your life back to some kind of normality in the next 4 weeks?

Would you do anything to have vibrant health again but you don't know what to do next as you've tried almost everything to heal?

I'm Caroline Carter and I have worked in the field of alternative health for over 24 years. I help people from all around world with Lyme and chronic disease become pain free and regain their health.

My passion in helping people to heal from Lyme and chronic disease came from developing Lyme aged 28. Mine was a typical story, going from doctor to doctor, including naturopaths but never receiving an answer and never getting any better. After several years of struggling with pain and fatigue, I decided to tap into a network of alternative doctors abroad to get their advice.

I was told about ozone and was so desperate I went to India to give it a try. I couldn't believe that after just 3 weeks I was 80% pain free, after 6 weeks able to work again and by 8 weeks I was feeling like my old self.

It was due to the remarkable results that I received with ozone therapy that I decided to dedicate my life to helping others heal their bodies with ozone too.

I set up Healthy Healing which is an established integrative clinic, now based in Paphos, Cyprus. I have treated hundreds of patients, including those from the USA, Israel, Australia, Russia and the UK, with great success.

Because of the high success rate I developed the Healthy Healing Retreat, so a patient can come to Cyprus for a full treatment plan, leaving them pain free, energized and back to health.

Our retreats are 4 weeks BUT depending on your personal case we can provide extended stays to complete a full treatment plan.

4 week Retreat includes

Daily IV Ozone administered by our registered doctor with 19 years’ experience of administering ozone.

Oxygen IV when indicated

Weekly live blood analysis

Parasite cleanse

Liver Flush

Ozone/FIR Saunas

Mild hyperbaric oxygen


Bio-resonance treatment

Lymphatic Drainage


Coffee enemas administered by our surgical nurse

Bioptron Light Therapy

Nasal Laser Treatments

Tai Chi

Bespoke detox & nutrition plan created by our in house Nutritionist

Comfortable Accommodation - Double or twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom


All meals


5 month follow-up protocol with full support.


Very Limited Availability -

Contact Caroline via email to arrange a Skype consultation*

* Package and price will be discussed at the time of consultation based on your specific case.

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