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OZONE: A new lease on life




Chronic Pain & Lyme Reversal Program.


Do you dream of getting back to normality and eradicating constant fatiguing pain?

Would you do anything to return to a state of vibrant health, but have no idea what to do next?

If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place.

At Healthy Healing we understand what it is like when daily life becomes a constant struggle and you yearn to become the person you used to be.

I am Caroline Carter and have worked in the field of alternative health for over 24 years. Passionate about helping people from all around world suffering with Lyme and chronic disease, I empower them to become pain free and regain their previous state of good health.

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How it all began

While working for the pharmaceutical company, Eli Lily in the late 80's, I became very ill with a condition wrongly diagnosed over the next 2 years as various problems including yuppie flu, ME and stress. I knew my body and knew none of the diagnosis to be correct.

I was unable to think or function and after 18 months could no longer work due to pain, fatigue and depression.

After several years of visiting every type of doctor and Naturopath I could think of and with my health in serious decline I heard about ozone therapy and despite quite a lot of skepticism traveled to India to try the treatment

In India my condition was discovered to be Lyme disease.  Once diagnosed, I was treated daily with high dose ozone for 8 weeks as part of an overall wellness plan.

While undergoing treatment I met many people from other countries including the United States and the UK who were also having ozone therapy for some very serious conditions including Cancer, Systemic Candida and Herpes.

Once I began treatment I started to feel better within days and saw the ozone having the same effect on the other patients.

My recovery was so remarkable and swift that by the time my treatment was finished and I was back to my old self I had decided to study natural medicine and dedicate my life to treating those in a similar position with affordable ozone and natural therapies.

For 3 years I traveled back and forth to India where I spent a couple of years studying and working in a clinic where they treated cancer mainly with nutrition and ozone and one year in a Chelation/Ozone day center. While working in the day center, I met an eminent parasitologist who introduced me to the amazing field of Darkfield Live Blood Analysis. He spent many months teaching me how it could often be used to detect undetectable parasites and to ensure a patient was on a suitable protocol for their condition.

I subsequently studied all forms of nutrition in the UK and set-up Healthy Healing. My intention was to involve a doctor friend and set-up an ozone therapy clinic in the UK. Due my doctor friend's refusal to even look into anything other than pharma medicines I never managed to fulfill my ozone clinic ambitions in the UK.

In 2007 after running a successful nutrition based UK practice for many years, I relocated to Cyprus where I met and teamed up with a very knowledgeable MD who had for years been using ozone and natural methods to treat patients.

Since 2007, I have treated hundreds of patients successfully, including those from the USA, Israel, Australia, Russia and the UK.

With the introduction of ten pass ozone I have finally achieved my dream of being able to offer a truly amazing ozone therapy at an affordable price.


Why choose Healthy Healing ?

We are the only practice offering:

•  10 pass ozone and bepoke infusions of Amino Acids, Procaine-Bicarbonate, DCA, NAD and Curcumin,

•  Enemas with coffee and anti-parasitic herbals

• Liver flush


How does the treatment for Lyme disease work?

Our comprehensive programme is designed to work as follows. We will:

•  Kill Borrelia, its co-infections, mould and viruses with a ten pass ozone

•  Replenish deficiencies with IV infusions of vitamins and minerals

•  Changes your acidic internal terrain to a healthy slightly alkaline environment, negating pain and inflammation with Procaine- bicarbonate and DCA infusions to ensure diseases such as Lyme cannot return

How ozone works to defeat Lyme disease.


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What does it cost?

* Design your own package with ten pass costsing 150 per session

* Four weeks treatment only 4500 euros

Includes: 12 x ten pass- 8 x infusions - 12 x ozone sauna- 8 x coffee-anti-parasite enemas - 8 x anal insufflations - 4 x rolfing massage - 4 x live blood analysis.

* Six weeks treatment 6750

18 x ten pass-12 x infusions - 18 x ozone sauna- 12 x coffee-anti-parasite enemas - 12 x anal insufflations - 6 x rolfing massage - 6 x live blood analysis.

* Eight weeks treatment 9000 euros

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like further details or have questions to ask.

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