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10 Pass Ozone Therapy

A Life Changing Treatment




Medical Ozone Therapy

What is 10 Pass ozone?

The ‘Ten Pass’ was developed by a senior European Physician, Dr. Johann Lahodney. Dr. Lahodney’s research showed that high dose ozone was helping his patients heal faster from skin wounds, infections, pain, tinnitus and other chronic diseases such a Lyme. His research also suggests that OHT releases stem cells.

Standard Ozone Therapy treatments using Autohemotherapy (MAH) will often require a high number of lengthy sessions. The development of 10 Pass Ozone Therapy provides the capability for high dose ozone to be administered in a shorter period of time, which research has shown can also reduce the patient healing time.

Prior to providing 10 pass, we supplied MAH and high dose IV ozone for many years. We have no doubt at all that this method is far superior

Ten passes, or ten times the treatment of a single pass, can be given within 60-90 minutes by using a special ozone machine to vacuum the blood into a glass bottle, and then return it rapidly by applying pressure into the bottle. A doctor or trained nurse is with the client throughout the whole process.

The 10-pass is a very powerful and safe treatment and equates to approximately 30 single MAH treatments. It is used to treat infections, inflammation, auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and multiple neurologic conditions including Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain and spinal cord inflammation of various types. It can successfully treat Lyme disease, shingles, recurrent herpes simplex( HPV1-2), influenza and pneumonia.

While this site mainly pertains to treating Lyme disease with ten pass ozone, this is due to me previously being a Lyme disease sufferer.

Ten pass ozone can treat many health issues so please contact us to see if your personal issue can be helped with this life changing therapy.





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What is Procaine/Bicarbonate

Procaine/Bicarbonate therapy is a certain type of infusion. The infusions are used to reduce pain and use the active ingredient of procaine, a substance that has been successfully used for many years in neural therapy. Its effect is shown by the fact that it eliminates the pain receptors and improves the blood circulation in the smallest vessels. This can diminish the pain and has also an anti-inflammatory effect. Procaine also leads to a pleasant mental relaxation.

Procaine is vasodilator (widens the blood vessels) and anti-inflammatory and it neutralizes free radicals (antioxidant effect). It has a balancing effect on the vegetative nervous system and is used for anesthesia. An important greater scope of application of procaine is the combined use as part of the so-called procaine therapy.

Here, a defined quantity of a Procaine, approved specifically for intravenous use, is mixed with a base (bicarbonate, THAM) in a saline solution and slowly administered as an infusion. The simultaneous addition of alkalizing substances is carried out with the aim of a prolongation of action of procaine, and improvement of procaine (membrane) availability by alkalisation of the cell environment.

We combine Procaine/Bicarbonte infusions with ten pass ozone therapy as experience has taught us that no matter how good a therapy is, you cannot heal if the body is acidic and any relief that is achieved is only temporary.
The side effects from this therapy are very low with most clients not feeling any negative effects at all.

Please email to arrange a skype interview to see if you are suitable for this life changing combination therapy.


Healthy Healing is one of only two clinics in Europe, offering this impressive combination treatment.