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10 Pass Ozone Therapy

High dose in a short period of time

10 Pass Ozone Therapy

Standard Ozone Therapy treatments using Autohemotherapy (MAH) will often require a high number of lengthy sessions. The development of 10 Pass Ozone Therapy provides the capability for high dose ozone to be administered in a shorter period of time, which research has shown can also reduce the patient healing time. 10 Pass Ozone Therapy is also called ‘Ozone High Dose Therapy’, the ‘Zotzmann method’ or the Lahodny’ after its creator, Austrian Physician, Dr. Johann Lahodny, and was first used in the US over two years ago. His research showed that high dose ozone helped his patients heal faster from conditions such as, skin wounds, infections, pain, tinnitus and other chronic conditions.

Penetrate deeper and further into areas of the body

The high dose approach to the standard procedure where blood is drawn, mixed with an ozone/oxygen mix, and then re-infused is known to penetrate deeper and further into areas of the body, and saturating the red blood cells more intensively with oxygen. The body’s immune system uses the ozone to fight off infections. It’s powerful effect cleanses the blood, kills microbes, and could be more effective at eliminating Lyme disease than standard intravenous ozone. While ozone therapy consists of the introduction of ozone into the body via Autohemotherapy (MAH,) there are two different ways that the procedure can be performed:

10 Pass Ozone Therapy is administered via a purpose-built, hyperbaric ozone machine. Instead of using gravity, a vacuum is created – known as hyperbaric pressure - to draw blood into a bottle, which also contains the anti-coagulant, heparin.

10 Pass Ozone Therapy Key benefits

A major Autohemotransfusion (MAH) usually requires about 40 minutes or 80 minutes for a double-pass.
10 Pass Ozone Therapy is:

The higher concentration is considered the equivalent of: Increasingly, 10 Pass Ozone therapy is being viewed as a life changing therapy for patients suffering with chronic, debilitating conditions, especially within a comprehensive, integrated approach to reversing acute Lyme Disease.